Modbus Master

Modbus Master 1.3.10

tool do debug the modbus protocol

tool do debug the modbus protocol

Modbus Master is a modbus master debugger designed to help developers of modbus slave to test and debug the modbus protocol.With the multiple document inteface you can read and write registers and colis from any window.You can also monitor the communication with the Monitor Window and filte the data frames with the toolbar.

Colorful monitor window

Supported Protocol Variants:

Modbus RTU

Modbus ASCII

Modbus TCP/IP

Modbus RTU Over TCP/IP

Modbus ASCII Over TCP/IP

Supported Modbus Functions:

01: Read coil status

02: Read input status

03: Read holding register

04: Read input registers

05: Force single coil

06: Preset single register

15: Force multiple coils

16: Preset multiple registers

Data Format Supports

Unsigned short

Signed short

Unsigned integer

Signed integer

Modbus Master


Modbus Master 1.3.10